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HXD1G electric locomotive project

  • HXD1G electric locomotive project
HXD1G electric locomotive project
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         The HXD1G electric locomotive is an eight-axis AC transmission high-power trunking quasi-high-speed electric locomotive developed on the basis of the existing harmonious series locomotive in 2015. It fully considers the technical situation of domestic and foreign locomotives and the requirements of the passenger line currently opened. After that, through lightweight design and technological innovation, it can meet the passenger and private line fast passenger transport requirements. It is a new generation 160km/h eight-axis high-power electric locomotive developed by CRRC Zhongzhu. It was delivered in September 2015. It is the most powerful AC fast electric locomotive in China. The locomotive can drive 18-segment passenger trains on the 12‰-20‰ large ramp line to run at 160km/h. This type of locomotive can solve the problem of rich power when the two-machine HXD1D locomotive is towing the passenger car. The locomotive consists of two identical four-axle locomotives fixed and re-connected. It adopts 2 (B0-B0) shaft type and has a power of 11200 kW. It has a train power supply function. Up to now, a total of 1 production and manufacturing.

Development process

Project launch in October 2013

In February 2014, passed the electric drive system program review

Adopted the overall technical program review in June 2014

The first car was dropped in October 2014

Complete vehicle type test from February to June 2015

Completed 300,000 km safety operation assessment in October 2016

Officially launched on April 12, 2017

Key technical parameters


Equipment layout


Our product advantages:

Operating temperature range -40 to +70 °C

According to the standard: IEC60571, IEC60077 (GB21413), EN50155, etc.

Anti-vibration and shock resistance

Meets the vibration and shock resistance requirements of EN50155, IEC61373;

Cage spring clamping technology ensures that the product is reliably connected under vibration conditions.

Low smoke, halogen free, flame retardant

Meets EN45545 (HL1 ~ HL3) fire protection standards

Wide oltage range:

Control voltage range from 0.7 to 1.25Us, integrated surge suppressor

According to the standard: IEC60571, IEC60077 (GB21413), EN50155, etc.


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